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About Ghirija Jayarraj


Ghirija Jayarraj founded Rajsha Productions in hope to continue her father's dream of being a film maker.


Having grown up in Australia as a migrant she has had the need to share the stories of the multicultural Australia that she is a part of.  

Her first encounter with film happened in high school when she took up media studies for fun. She ended up being the top student in her class. Never taking it very seriously she pursued her interest in Theatre which had been more a part of her life, thanks to her parents and their engagement in Community Theatre shows. 

Her second encounter with film occurred through these shows when she found herself stuck, trying to get 60 people on the day of the theatre show for a musical she had hoped to stage. A way around this road block happened through her first short film "Paddikal". Instead of staging the musical she directed and filmed the musical and screened it. This happened to be the first Tamil Short film in Australia in 1999. 

Following this, Ghirija completed her Diploma in Film and TV and Honours in Screen Arts at Curtin University of WA. She continued to make short films, documentaries and music videos. 


In 2011 after her move to Melbourne, Ghirija established Rajsha Productions. Through this production company she has developed a few projects that have now been officially selected and nominated in Film Festivals world wide. Ghirija is now venturing into feature film projects.


Ghirija Jayarraj is also an Indian Classical dancer and Theatre Producer. She is the founder and Creative director of an initiative named Shastram which promotes Indian Classical dance to a main stream western audience. Through this she also produces theatre productions, dance videos, short films, web series and animations based on Indian Classical dance. For further details see 

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