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Rajsha Productions Story



Our story is one of dreams and dreamers. Rajsha Productions first production happened in 1977 in Sri Lanka with a Tamil movie named "I'll be waiting for you" Kaathirupaen Unnakaha. The movie was released in Theatres however could not shown for long due to the political turmoil in the country during the time. However, the dream did not die there.  It travelled through countries and landed in Australia. The members of Rajsha Productions became Theatre show producers in Perth, Western Australia. This also lead to the making of the first Tamil Short film in Australia, "Stepping Stone" Paddikal adding to the multicultural flavour of this beautiful country. 

Today in Melbourne and Perth Australia, this dream has expanded. Rajsha Productions' soul aim is to create ethnically diverse projects which represent the real Australia that we live in. We are also keen  to generate more Film ,Theatre and Event work for talented professionals in the industry and thereby contribute to the Australian Arts scene.  

Rajsha Productions has been founded and managed by Australian Film maker and Theatre Producer Ghirija Jayarraj. 

The work we do is not just our job but our passion and that's why we are different!

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image from film Kaathirupaen Unnakaha 1977 Sri Lanka

During the Filming of Touch India

image from short film Paddikal

The team behind Youth

During the filming of Youth

Ghirija Jayarraj Managing Director of Rajsha Productions

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