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Youth or Ilamei in Tamil is a bilingual Australian Feature Film that Rajsha Productions has ventured into. Two versions of this film will be made. One in Hindi and English and Tamil and English. Rajsha Productions is currently in the process of preparing a pitch package to attract financers for this film. As part of this pitch package, a teaser has been produced in the form of a music video. Songs both in Tamil and Hindi have been composed for this music video. These songs and music videos will be released world wide. Anyone interested in more details  about this project feel free to contact Rajsha Productions.  

"ilamei" Music Video

Youth ( ilamei) Short Film

Tamil Song


Song Title                    Ilamei

Vocals by                     Tha Prophecy

Song Composed 

and Produced by        Philip John  

Lyrics                           Ghirija Jayarraj


Available on  iTunes


Music Producer & Composer

Philip John


Tha Prophecy


"zindhaghi" Music Video

Teaser Fund Raising Promotional Video

Behind the Scenes Photos of Teaser

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